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Eclipse 2024

The next eclipse over North America is coming up on Monday, April 8, 2024!  And like the last major eclipse of 2017, Scouts across America can be a part of it.  The totality will begin in Texas at 1:27 pm CDT and will end in Maine at 3:35 pm EDT. 

A total or partial solar eclipse is a rare event.  A total solar eclipse whose path crosses right over the heart of the United States is even rarer.

On this special day, the solar system serves up a unique treat.  April 8 is a Monday, but those Scouts and Venturers who might be on spring break or could be dismissed from school should plan a big celebration.
Like all the best celebrations, this one comes with its own patch.

There won’t be another total solar eclipse over the United States until 2045.  In other words, when April 8 arrives, make sure you’re ready!

Solar Eclipse
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Be a part of history and Scouting's involvement.  Pre-orders for Eclipse patches at this site are available now!! 
Click Products above. 

How to earn the BSA 2024 Solar Eclipse patch


1. Help your Scout(s) locate a website suitable for viewing the eclipse near you and the city you live in or use this one.

2. Have your Scout(s) describe how to safely view the eclipse.  Never look directly at the sun. Instead, look over and share these tips from NASA on how to view the eclipse safely.


1.  Discuss with your group what you saw and felt during the eclipse.  
Post your comments and eclipse photos on social media using the hashtag #BSAEclipse2024.

2.  Do the following:

  • Cub Scouts: Discuss what a solar eclipse is with your leaders.

  • Scouts BSA youth: Draw a diagram of the positions of the moon, earth, and sun to show how the solar eclipse occurs.

  • Venturers: Research Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington’s 1919 experiment and discuss how it confirmed Einstein’s theory of general relativity.


1.  Scouts should ask you as the unit leader to buy the
2024 Solar Eclipse BSA patch

Pre-orders will start September 13 at this site and end December 15, 2023.  Units will be encouraged to place an order vs. individual and save on shipping.   Orders will be mailed out in early February. 

These unique patches are only $3 and destined to be very collectable. 


Orders can be placed after December 18th but not guaranteed to arrive before April 8th.

 What more can you do?

To make the most of these STEM & Scouts opportunities, you must plan and prepare.
Rally Scouts in your units, districts, and councils by making them aware of the event. Share with friends and family.
Go online and find groups near you that are hosting an event. Search for "2024 Total Solar Events" near your town.
Or host your own event. The total eclipse will occur on Monday April 8th, 2024 and depending on where you live, you may or may not be in school. If you are in school, talk to your teachers about organizing an event at your school to learn about, safely view, and study the eclipse.

Eclipse and Scout Awards

Beyond enjoying nature’s wonder, Scouts can work towards their:

Nova Awards for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, and Sea Scouts.


More info

Scouts can earn the patch whether they view the total or partial eclipse, rain or shine.  Be prepared—rain and clouds happen!

On the path of totality, it will be dark even on a rainy day.  Scouts will be able to detect the change in darkness even on an overcast day, but in the areas away from totality it will not be as evident.

Don't miss this special opportunity and earn a token to remember this astronomical occasion. 

Click here to order >>> BSA 2024 Solar Eclipse patch 


Eclipse BSA 2024

final patch sewn_edited.jpg
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